Welcome to HaleyThings.Com!

My mind is overrun with imagination and a love of fantasy/fairytales, despite my being a fully functioning adult (and scientist). I also have far too much energy than is good for me (possibly because I drink far more coffee than is good for me), and the result is this online portfolio of my various Things. 

Some are even step-by-step instructions you can follow.

A few Things are for sale (see my contact info or my Etsy page) and I take the occasional watercolor/pencil/ink commissions. Thank you for the visit and enjoy!  

Well, more like paper and illustration board. I primarily work in watercolors, but occasionally, I will do a piece in colored pencil. I also have a wealth of unpainted sketches and a few smaller pen and ink works that are perfect for bookmarks.

I prefer to stick to fantasy themes, with a particular interest in fairy tales (including Neil Gaiman's Stardust and the Norse fairy tale "Princess on the Glass Hill"). I've also done a few tarot cards like "The Tower," "Queen of Swords," and "Eight of Cups." 

I make costumes for fantasy and sci-fi themed events like ComiCon and Dragon*Con. All costumes are original, though pattern pieces are sometimes modified from pre-made patterns from McCalls, Simplicity, Vogue, etc. When I can, I base designs off of user-created patterns on burdastyle.com and DIY sewing blogs.

For those interested in creating their own versions of my costumes, I have complete illustrated instructions for two of my favorite costumes.

When time allows, I enjoy making corsets. Cinchers are the easiest to construct, take the least amount of time, and take the least amount of materials. Since discovering this, I have not gone back to making full over-bust corsets! 

I know there are a lot of amateur seamstresses out there who would love to give corsetry a shot, so I detailed the entire process here (and the pattern is free!)  

I have compiled a small compendium of crafts/projects with practical uses for the novice seamstress with illustrations and detailed instructions. Check out the page for DIY skirts, shirts, coasters, and pattern weights/cat toys.